Pharmacoeconomic assessment of implementing a universal PCV-13 vaccination programme in the Valencian public health system (Spain)

Por: Diez-Domingo, J, Ridao-Lopez, M, Gutierrez-Gimeno, M, Puig-Barbera, J, Lluch-Rodrigo, J and Pastor-Villalba, E

Publicada: 6 dic 2011
Background: Heptavalent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV-7) was licensed to provide immunity against pneumococcal disease caused by seven serotypes of S. pneumoniae. Thirteen-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV-13) includes 6 additional serotypes for preventing invasive pneumococcal disease. Objective: The objective of this study was to estimate the potential health benefits, costs, and cost-effectiveness of vaccination with PCV-13 in the Community of Valencia and to generate valuable information for policy makers at regional and country levels. Methods: A decision tree was designed to determine the health and economic outcomes in hypothetical cohorts of vaccinated and unvaccinated children followed over their lifetime. Information about disease incidence and serotype distribution were gathered from local databases and from published and unpublished local records. PCV-13 effectiveness was extrapolated from PCV-7 efficacy data. A 5% of herd effect and a serotype replacement of 25% were considered for the base case scenario. Only direct costs were taken into account and results were expressed in terms of life-years gained (LYG) and quality adjusted life years (QALY). Results: Implementing a universal PCV-13 vaccination program in the Community of Valencia would decrease the number of hospital admitted pneumonia to less than 4571 cases while avoiding 310 cases of IPD and 82,596 cases of AOM throughout the cohort lifetime. A total of 190 S. pneumoniae related deaths would be averted over the same period. Total medical costs of non-vaccinating the cohort of newborns would reach up to 403,850.859 (sic)compared to 438,762.712 (sic)that would represent vaccinating the cohort. The incremental cost of vaccinating the children was estimated in 12,794 (sic/LYG and 10,407 (sic)/QALY, respectively. Conclusions: A universal PCV-13 vaccination program in the Community of Valencia would be a cost-effective intervention from the payer perspective after preventing for pneumococcal infections and for decreasing its associated mortality and morbidity. (C) 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Diez-Domingo, J: Ctr Super Invest Salud Publ, Valencia 46020, Spain
Ridao-Lopez, M: Ctr Super Invest Salud Publ, Valencia 46020, Spain; Inst Aragones Ciencias Salud, Zaragoza, Spain
Gutierrez-Gimeno, MV: Ctr Super Invest Salud Publ, Valencia 46020, Spain
Puig-Barbera, J: Ctr Super Invest Salud Publ, Valencia 46020, Spain
Lluch-Rodrigo, JA: Direcc Gen Salud Publ, Valencia, Spain
Pastor-Villalba, E: Direcc Gen Salud Publ, Valencia, Spain
ISSN: 13588745

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